Sunday 30 August 2009


Darling Blossom sent an award my way so here I am to send it on to my chosen 10. But before I do that, 10 things about me is part of the award so here goes
  1. i never wear my hair out
  2. i am a night owl - wide awake til the wee hours and drowsy in the mornings
  3. the thought of coffee is the only thing that gets me out of bed
  4. my favourite day of the week is Saturday
  5. i am quiet and shy in the mornings and sharper and funnier at night
  6. i am always cold because i underdress - i don't like coats and jackets and bulky constricting clothing, i prefer to go without - lucky i live in a warm country
  7. i love baking cakes to give to people
  8. i adore flowers - as I'm sure you've all noticed
  9. i read a lot - novels, mags, more mags, mooks, coffee table books, travel guides, the weekend papers
  10. i often wonder who i'll marry

ruby & joy - Nicola makes beautiful wedding bouquets and styles gorgous events and a special thank you for mentioning my postcards on your blog
mishy lane - a cute new blog - visit her!
kyla roma - i love the way she writes and shares
knock knocking - check out her divine wreaths
city of dionne - her smiling face appears beside in the comments on so many of my posts - her illustrations are delectable
melanger - faithful follower of Urban Nectar and with such a beautifully structured, delicious blog
paper flower girl - I love her mood boards
small stump & studio choo - floral genius
a merry mishap - a great eye - cool finds - fab interiors
forty-sixth at grace - gorgeous words and baking beautiful


Jaana said...

I love your blog name, that was the reason why I had a look of your blog, you are like me in the morning... lovely photos.

cathy said...

Love your blog - so fresh and fun! Really enjoying it! Even though I didn't get an award - I'm going to list 10 things about me so my readers get to know me tonite

Dionne said...

I am the same as you with the under-dressing! Brian is always telling me to bring a coat or jacket, but I never do.

And I love to bake too, but I am not confident enough to give my baked goods as gifts yet. Some day!

Thanks for tagging me! I need to think of my ten things now! How fun!

Mishy Lane said...

Oh my life! I have been secretly waiting to receive one of these awards! Yippeeeee! Thank you so much :o)

I love your blog. It is so beautiful.


AMM blog said...

Aww, thank you!!

rubyandjoy said...

I'm sort of excited :) thanks so much! i love your blog and your beautiful! And I'm the same, much more of a night owl! x

KnockKnocking said...

What a delightful list, I am honored to be included amongst these blogs, which upon closer inspection are just delightful. Thank you ever so much honey! xoxo Agnes

Savage Rose said...

Love your taste :-)
See more pretty fleurs at:

studio choo said...

Thanks so much for the award! So nice to "meet" you and learn a bit about you.

Conversation Pieces said...

Hi there. Just stumbled across your blog... it's gorgeous. I loved your 10 things... I'm also a quiet in the morning then perk up after my tea for the afternoon person!

Also lovely to get a new list of blogs too ;)