Saturday 1 May 2010

The Fascinated Art of Michael Esson

Image 1: Ai wu ji wu = Love me love my dog & 3. Sense & Possibility via Lincoln University. Drawing charcoal, conte and coloured pencil. 2.Internal Affair via Wilson Gallery. Pastel and pen on paper.

I studied Nursing quite a few years back now, so this art really resonates with me. I went back to uni as a mature age student (all of 21 years old) so I could sink my face into books about biology and anatomy, so I could use the medical jargon and gain access into hospital wards and be familiar with drips and cannulas, blood pressure measures and blood, wound care and loving care - I would have loved to have worked with kids and babies.

I discovered this artist inside his own home, which we had the privilege to wander through at its open on Saturday.

Mike Esson - Senior Lecturer; Director International Drawing Research Initiative (IDRI) at the UNSW College of Fine Art; Fascinated by medical science; His work is not simply a satire of the medical profession or a reflection of the limitations of modern science. The surgeon is a metaphor for the mind facing the limits of its own ability to look into the darkness of nature.*

He taught The art of reconstruction, a 3 day course in clay to plastic surgeons to give them a sense of humanity over the people they operate on and have them consider their form, their make up, their structure, their being. Video here

His previous exhibitions have been gloriously entitled: Don't criticize the flowers, Imagine my heart was yours, The power of drawing, Shouting at the carcass and Mixed Metaphors.

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