Saturday, 1 May 2010

Warehouse Fit For A Queen

Images 1, 3, 5 & 6 by moi, other from Domain.

To walk through such an inspiring space with such incredible potential was a real privilege. We enter through a roller door into a 6 car space holding a kiln, and benches and shelves of ceramics. The next huge room houses large tables covered in enormous sheets of paper with half drawn artworks of amazing intricacy and the very front room holds true to the workshop it was with the 'waiting room' couches and 'office' etched on glass fronted door and a toilet for customers off to the side.
We ascend the stairs via medical cabinets filled with curiosities (old razors and their associated shaving paraphernalia) past one of the owners well hung artworks (this one with beautifully drawn feathers in fine black pen and the signature pinks of striated flesh.
Then welcome to the polished floor expanse of white walls, shelves for tonnes of books, a walk-in-pantry, gorgeous big kitchen and cooktop, a timber table with seats enough for 10 and old dentists chairs with various headrest attachments dotted about the place.

Enter the main bathroom to a stainless steel hospital basin and kidney dishes on the side of the bathtub holding razors and soap.
The fascination for all things medical/surgical become well apparent and I absolutely share his passion for biology, anatomy, medical science, hospital fittings and surgical wares and love the industrial vibe.


Beach House Living said...

What a great space. The stainless table caught my eye.

A Flourishing Perspective said...

What a beautiful space! Love the colours, textures, and shapes.