Sunday, 7 November 2010


Dear me,
It's about time you stop buying yourself Christmas presents.

...but how beautiful is this hummingbird (by Beth Emily)? About as gorgeous as this owl in a tea pot (by Renee Treml ) via fab online shop Udessi.


Life love, clutter and other beautiful things. said...


I know! Right. How hard is it to shop for gifts when you have to resist such lovely things!!

I love that site. So many beautiful and unique art works.

Have a lovely week xox

Kathryn Cantrell said...

I love Udessi too! And that hummingbird is gorgeous- definitely worth being a bit greedy!

Thanks for sharing and happy weekend!

Anja said...

Well, after seeing your post I'm a bit greedy too! Beautiful hummingbird!

Jane Dough said...

The Hummingbird is absolutely gorgeous!

Twiggs said...

ahaha, that is a funny "note to self" :) brilliant!!! ;) have a delicious week! hugs, twiggs

Beach House Living said...

Hard to resist that one. I seem to be doing the one for you and one for me shopping.

Pixie said...

This made me laugh SO hard! I just bought myself a Christmas present on Saturday. I even had the store wrap it! so far from my family, we don't really get to exchange gifts anymore. :( So I buy my own and wrap them.

Kim Wallace :: Udessi said...

What a lovely surprise to see Beth's work pop up on your gorgeous blog! We adore Beth's and Renée's work too!