Saturday 15 January 2011

A Garden for A Wedding

a chandelier in tree / a small garden wedding at home / one long table

maybe some brights / definitely tables full of flowers / some lanterns?
chandeliers again / what a gorgeous garden room

something more frilly like this garden party

Mum asked me recently..."well what do you want your wedding to look like?" Not that I'm engaged or even close, of course not. Well this is how I'd like it to look. Like a chandelier in a tree, a big table under a big tree, lots of jars of flowers along the table...mixed bunches of David Austin Roses, dahlias and hydrangeas, peonies if they're in season. Mismatched Thonet painted white with perhaps a couple raw for contrast or Tolix or Starck Ghost. No chair covers, no bows.

Checked pastel picnic rugs for the kids to sit on when they're not running around. Flowers in every course. Food that's refined not contrived. No beef and mash with red wine jus. Something light. Salads with nasturtiums and honey and lavender ice cream for dessert. And I think I'd like it to look a bit like this and this (especially the invitations) and this.

Garden furniture is a great way to make a garden look more fantastic, and to get good use out of it, making you want to stay in there for longer. You should check out some of the garden furniture that they have at

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p.s. I have kept these images saved for so long & my as my filing is slightly random, I have very vague sources if you have the source please let me know and I'll happily update.


Gem ♥ said...

Ooohhh, I love it!!

Laura said...

Love these ideas! If only I had a flat, gorgeously landscaped backyard behind a beautiful house where I could set up chandeliers in trees and the like... At least we can always dream!

Anonymous said...

We got married December 1st in Savannah, GA. It was just the two of us, so we're having a party for friends and family this spring, and this is what I want our party to look like.

Ruby Red said...

this is a great idea for a wedding!

Brad Fallon said...

Great idea! I love it.