Tuesday 19 May 2015

Mr Built Us A Bathroom

Mr and I have been in this house for 3.5 years. My priority was the bathroom. Somehow we managed to to start on the exterior: Paving the driveway, re-cladding the house, new front door, gates and new turf and plants.  Meanwhile the toilet leaked, the shower curtain was sticking to us as we showered in the draughty room, the vanity shelves and drawers had collapsed from water damage, Mr couldn't see himself on the mirror (it was positioned low under the window) and well, that pink whale spout and rambling rose feature tile!

The Brief
I was after a 'vintage modern' bathroom. I wanted it to be modest and in keeping with the era of the home (50s).

The Plan (& Source List)
We had to change the layout as the mirror had to be higher. We had no storage previously so we wanted lots of it. We had little paper cut outs of each element and did every possible layout scenario - then at the last minute we changed our mind again. We joined the separate toilet with the main bathroom. I wanted the bath to have breathing space.

The New Bathroom - Ta da!


If you have any questins or would like me to design a room for you, just email me.


e said...

Design a room? Design my whole house more like it. Consider yourself hired. Bring Mr. xox

tereza said...

wow what a beautiful design! I love everything about it, especially that clawfoot bath!
Happy weekend,

Anonymous said...

Hi, lovely work on the bathroom. Do you have a facebook page? Would also be interested in a media kit or rate card? Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

It is very beautiful and peaceful :)How many m2 are your bathroom?