Thursday, 6 May 2010

Where The Hearts Are

Soon there will be two hearts in this home.


Gypsy Purple said...

I just love that 1st image!

Deedeeobrien said...

You have such a lovely blog, the photos are wonderful. You could almost get lost in it :)

Dorothy said...

What stunning images, and I love that soon there will be two hearts in your home! Your gorgeous selection of photography and work you share is a talent, and I love the beautiful discoveries I continue to find within your blog.

Dorothy xx

Jan said...

As always your blog is the loveliest collection of images. How exciting that your home is a haven for two hearts.

concrete & honey said...

Ms Purple - I must say, I love it when someone tells me their favourite image, when something resonates - I find it so hard to select which pics to post but when I'm on someone else's blog, it's so easy to get drawn to one in a bunch of images - & I love hearing which one it is for you.
Deedee - I love your comment.
Dorothy - Wow, what a gorgeous (not to mention eloquent) comment -thank you for your amazingly kind words.
Jan - I know, it is exciting and so lovely to share with lovely people that care. x nic

Itzi said...

Gorgeus! Nice shoot!! Nice manners (I don't know if "manners" means exactly what I wanna say... hehe)

your blog is so lovely